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What kind of man Filipina like? (Filipina girl)

Filipino women tend to like gentle man who has financial power .

Some foreign male doubt  Filipino woman just want to marry for visa.
But actually with the same other countries girl, They prefer male who has future.

Getting international marriage, and leave her home, They are very worry.
seeking international marriage is a minority.


Filipinas are very shy

Many foreign men noticed after starting dating a Filipino woman that " Filipino woman are  shy."

Filipino women are mostly  Catholics,so they are conservative.

If you  approach to the Filipino woman, please do not feel they are rude if  they dont talk to you much.
They are just shy, It does not mean that they are not into you.

Filipino women are completely different from the American and Japanese women.

They do not  do one night stand.

For example, kiss on the forehead. hug, they do not do such a thing basically.
In addition. picking up girls at bar is very rare case.

In Philippine, at the first stage for dating, it is called  “panliligaw” which means just contact each other. send her some followers, relax at home etc.

Marry to Filipino

Wedding in the Philippines is quite large.
Many relatives that you have not met before comes her wedding.
Also next to the residents and previous co workers etc comes.

Marriage cost is usually paid by half of each other.