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Dating with Thai girl (Thai girl)

Dating with Thai woman is emotional thrill.

Here we will introduce the basics of dating skills with Thai women.

1. Showing of cleanliness.

Thai woman likes a clean man. cut your nail, check your hairstyle, wear clean clothing.
There are many people who worry about the  body smelling. so Thai men often use perfume.

2. Be on time

Impression wikk be bad if you come late. In particular, first date you must be not delay.
and also, arriving in five minutes before when you go to pick up her home.

3. Give her presents

Thai women like to receive a gift.
What should I give her on the first date ? Please guess it from the conversation before date.
What she wants now? If you give her what she wants,  She fell in love with you.

4. Be gentlemanly

For example, you can open the door for her, or give  the chair.
Thai woman likes to be treated as princess.

5. Praise her 4 times

Let's praise her 4 times. It is good to have the praise casually like "You're beautiful" etc. However it is up to four times. Too praise makes her think it is a lie.

6. Well listen, ask a question

Good listener is popular among girls. Let's listen well her talking. And occasionally ask some questions.


7. Do not be stingy

Some Thai woman prefer go Dutch.
But basically You should show to pay.

8. Call her

When you say good bye, you had better say I will call you. and say to her very nice to meet you.