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Dating with Chinese girl (Chinese girl)

Many local Chinese women have never been dating with a foreigner.

Most of the people are emigrated from the other city to Big cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. ...) .

Therefore there are many people who are not familiar to foreigners.

Three different types of Chinese women

Local women are really conservative?
Most of the local women are conservative and have old-minded.


When you date with Chinese women , you have to be aware that her date of view is very different from yours.

Quick Tip: Please try to ask her if she have met a foreigner before

If so,She understands the difference between foreign and Chinese men.
for example,She Casually hold  hands, and has the idea of sex before marriage.

Big difference in Chinese culture is that many people think that sex = marriage.

You might be surprised that Chinese women are very tough.

many Chinese people has stopped learning about the culture and cleanliness after the  "Cultural Revolution" of Mao Zedong.

Before not many  Local farmers people does not take a bath.

Therefore When you date with chinese woman, be careful of Cleanliness.

If you live in either Beijing or Shanghai ,it is easy to have to find her Chinese online.