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Filipino love Basic (Filipina girl)

Know Filipino time

When you are going out with Filipino to dating , They often come late about roughly 30 minutes.
That is Filipino time.
even for wedding, they come late. so You should be tolerance.

Philippines People cherish family

Filipino is a strong conservative because Christians .

In some cases, You need permission from her  parents for dating.

many of Filipinos are large family, and They like to gather together for meals and singing.


Education career is important for Filipina

many Filipino people  goes to college. so Filipino women care about the Education career.

Sometime their parent might ask you about your education background, so do not be surprise.

International love

In many Filipino household , They hope their daughter marry to same Filipino.

If there is the opposite from their parents, it's also important to give up once and for all.

Filipinos loves smile

Filipinos love laughing at any time. And there are many people who have their own strong independence.
And also there are more well-to become nurse. They do hard work.

When you date with Filipina, You should be as much as possible open,and should try to fit their culture.