How to be popular at Filipina bar (Filipina girl)

At First Philippines pub, where you go for a drink, to drink fun, and to use the money.

Please recognize that romance will be in the extension.

They are a  “place of pseudo love” .

Between The man and woman of the relationship, the deceived marriage is often happen.
Girls who do water job are very shrewd.

But  if a nice guy appear in front of the girl, they think they want to be a lover, this is, is a normal  for girl of psychology.


What kind of men are well come at Filipina bar

No.1:Rich man

No.2:Good looking, sweet

No.3 : Live near her house

No.4: order meals for her

What kind of men are unwell come at Filipina bar


No.2:sexual harassment

No.3 : drunker

No.4: stingy