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Sex with Korean at Hooker Hill (Korean girl)

Itaewon is located near Seoul, and has a lot of westerners. Just like Roppongi in Tokyo.
Basically They are business town but at night They change to night town.

Hooker hill is easy to find. You can not moss it. From subway Itaewon station, out from exit3, take 5min walk.
Interestingly A doctor is residence there for sexual Diseases.

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Hooker Hill is not as big as Pattaya in Thailand. They are just small path.
You can see girls through the window. There are young girls to old ladies.

The average age is about 20-30 years old.
Once you enter, they ask you drink. the drink is very expensive but  you can ask them reduce price. They ask you U$50 first.

at some places, woman lock the door, and then do blow job and sex. and some places is ok to bring out girls. many of them are able to speak English. It seems there are many regular customers.

They open from noon to mid night.



Besides this kind of bars, There are bar called “juicy bars”. at here, you can play with Filipina, but just talk.

How to go to Hooker hill
From subway Itaewon station, out from exit3, take 5min walk.

map of Hooker Hill