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Where you can buy Japanese sex toys (Japanese girl)

There are a lot of prostitution industry in Japan. I think Japan is a world no.1  prostitution industry country.
The porn industry and affiliated sex toy industry are very big and developed.
Their qualities are also very high. and  there is an incredibly wide variety of sex toys available in Japan.


Other than a wide range of vibrators and dildos that tackle a wide range of shapes and sizes there are likewise more sex toys for men than a fellow can experience in a lifetime.

There are full size sex dolls that look really damn genuine, an extraordinarily wide assortment of pocket pussies and even shoddy one time use "ona mugs" with their own particular lube inside.

You can see lots of places to buy sex toys in Japan. I could see vending machines that sells sex toys.
But most common way to buy sex toy is buying online.
You don't have to be embarrassed to buy.

The best and biggest shops that I know of in Tokyo are M’s Pop Life and Love Merci.
They are both located in Akihabara.

You can also find a lot of sex toys at the numerous Don Quijote variety stores around Tokyo. There’s one also in Akihabara, another in the Kabukicho red light district and several more.

Here are very popular sex toys selling website.
J-List sells all kinds of Japanese sex products.
Toy Demon is an online adult sex toy store. Omocha Dreams is good site too.

The biggest site is Kanojo Toys.

Even tough Their prices can be a little higher than other sites ,they have an incredibly wide variety of toys and accessories.

They might even have a larger number of items than the huge grown-up super stores. I've seen a wide range of intriguing and plain odd items on their site that I haven't seen anyplace else despite the fact that I've invested hours investigating toy shops in Tokyo.