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How to make a Chinese girl friend (Chinese girl)

Chinese women are attractive and exotic. And sometime they looks mysterious.

Before the first date with Chinese women, you should know about Chinese culture.

If you know some about Chinese culture, They will interested in you. and It is better if you know some Chinese language before you meet her.



Communication is the key to have success of a date with a Chinese woman.

Chinese culture is very strict. Chinese women take care of their family ,and respect the idea of their parents.

One of the most effective tips and tricks for dating with China girls,such as kissing before going to bed, they feel stress, and away from you.Please do as much as possible to relax her. You can go out with her when weather is good , and it is nice just to sit and chat with her while having a cup of coffee.


Chinese women is greed and selfish.

There are many girl who is Ego , and often they misunderstood to think that girl is important.

Dating with Chinese women might be variously difficult, but it is not impossible.