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How to Date a Japanese Women (Japanese girl)

How to Date a Japanese Women


Japanese women tends to like a man who takes control, who is a gentleman but also knows how to boss her around and be dominant and demonstrate alpha male characteristics. Be careful not to take this too far, but realize that she will only respect you if she knows you wear the pants in the relationship.

Japanese women do not want a meek and mild man who they boss around, you need to take control and lead the relationship forwards in the right direction. Japanese women aren't the most shy Asian girls, but they definitely aren't aggressive, and they need the man to display alpha characteristics.

According to most Japanese girls I know, Japanese Girls likes exchange facebook or Line- if the conversation went well, just say “FB or Line ” Japanese women are addicted them.

Something about being able to send or be sent cute cyber smileys just fits their Hello Kitty persona. After she takes your contact, make sure you get hers. Add your phone number and get hers too.