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Japanese Marriage Advice (Japanese girl)

Japanese Marriage Advice


Marriage is one of the most important events in life. To those couples who will be spending the rest of their lives together, marriage is a turning point. Parents will share this happiness through traditional wedding customs and accept the blessings of their family and friends.

Japan has been under the long-term influence of Confucian thought, as well as the beliefs of Taoism, Buddhism and other religions. There is also a strong mindset in establishing a family and career and providing for the next generation. Therefore, not only is there a great variety of traditional Japanese wedding customs, they also entail many special features.

A traditional wedding must follow a total of six procedures to be considered complete. These include an official proposal, the matching of the couple’s birthdates, the selection of an auspicious date for the wedding, the delivery of gifts, the confirmation of the wedding date and lastly the wedding ceremony. However, due to social changes and parents giving their children more freedom, Japan’s wedding customs have simplified significantly in recent years. Many western wedding elements have also been adopted to create an Asian/Western fusion in weddings.