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Korean woman do not talk to stranger (Korean girl)

Have you ever thought It is tough to talk to korean woman?

After dating, it is ok, but before dating, somehow very tough.

So why is that?

Unlike Western culture, Korea is quite conservative.

so, it is impossible to talk to unknown people.

Koreans does not speak English very good, generally Koreans can only speak Korean.

many people are having to worry about the periphery of the eye (parents and relatives). They are embarrassed to date with foreigners.

So why Korean woman care about the periphery of the eye (parents and relatives) ?

You Might have seen K-POP dance group do sexy dance well. and might think Korean girls are easy.
But actually Korean are very very conservative.. Many do not sex until they get married.

Typical Korean Women are :

  • Before 30-year-old marriage with the local Korean men (high Class)
  • Make baby
  • Take care of child

They hope this kind of life.


So many korean woman care that she date with foreigner in past, and her relatives and friends know that. so many korean woman date with foreigner in secret.
Dating with Foreigner is emberassing in Korean society.

You need to know that Korean woman only date locals.