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Pink salons in Tokyo Japan (Japanese girl)

Do you know "blowjob bars" called Pink salons? They are  totally legal erotic massage service in Japan.
Women gives you massage with their hands and mouths.

Unfortunately most of Pink are afraid of foreigners to enter shop so they are mostly banned.
But there are some blowjob bars where foreigners can enter.


Dio / Emotion

They are located just outside of Gotanda Station in Tokyo.
They accept  foreigners but you need at least know few Japanese like:

Hello = konnichiwa
How much? = Ikura desu ka?
“I am going to cum in your mouth= Kuchi ni dasu yo
I am going to cum = Ikisou
I feel nice = Kimochi ii

They cost you about 7000 JPyen.



They are located Kabukicho red light district in Shinjuku.
They accept  foreigners as well.
They cost you about 4000 JPyen
You can chose your girl from their photo book but do not count on her looking anything like what you see on the book.

website: http://www.hp-hinomaru.com/

Jan Jan

I'm not sure why but they are popular among  foreigners in Tokyo.
owners are very nice guys.
They are located just outside of Sugamo Station in Tokyo.

There are some Old Japanese lady.
Blowjobs cost you from 3000 JP YEN to 4000JP YEN at night.