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  • is a place where you can meet Japanese friends. There are over 30 million members here. A huge number of new Japanese young ladies joining every day, and the vast majority of them can convey in English. At any rate they can compose the sentence in English. To begin with, you can start […]

  • Merupara

    Merupara (メルパラ) Merupara has over 15 years history. They are one of the well-known local dating website in Japan. Their members are over 1.5 million. Age group is 20’s. They check fake members, so there is no faker. Merupara promote on media, PR car, advertisement on building. Note:You need Japanese mobile phone number to confirm. […]

  • Ikuyokuruyo

    Ikuyokuruyo(イククル) Ikuyokuruyo is established in 2000. They PR on media and use TV talent to promote the site. You may see the ad on the building or PR car in TOKYO, Shibuya, roppongi, shinjuku  area. At present, their members are over 6 million. 850,000 users login per day. There are APPs too. Their site is […]

  • Nozze

    Nozze(ノッツェ) e-お見合い Actually, Nozze is a marriage match making agency in Japan ,so If you really think of getting marriage to Japaense woman, Nozze is the site (agency). Their good point is that  most of services are free. I think very casual marriage site they are. So by the time you meet right person, you can […]

  • YYC

    YYC (ワイワイシー) YYC is operated by famous sns mixi, and has 10 years history. They own 9 million members.  over 30’s female are a lot. You can download their APP too. Their site is local, so you need to know Japanese language or use translation. If you have any question, feel free to ask us. Features mail […]

  • Wakuwaku mail

    Wakuwaku mail (ワクワクメール) Wakuwaku mail own 1 million members. They are one of the largest local dating website in Japan. Female member is free. so They have many female members. When you register, you need Japanese mobile phone number to confirm. Features ・Good Inquiry form ・Easy to resign Wakuwaku mail makes an effort to get […]

  • Love search

    Love search(ラブサーチ) “Love Search” in the top class Japanese local dating website, and they are introduced some medias. Not only common features such as search function,but also has variety of functions, such as chat and diaries etc. In particular, by the blog appealing, There are many chance to get to know new members. Features Search system Message […]

  • Happy mail

    Happy mail (ハッピーメール) The number of Female members is currently No.1 in the Japan’s dating local websites . There is no English page, so You need some Japanese knowledge or use translation website to use and communicate with Japanese women. Happy mail is the best dating classic website. They check fake profiles so The female […]

  • Cherry Blossoms

    Cherry Blossoms , Inc. has been in business since 1974, and was the world’s 1st international picture personal ad service. Actually, I remember the Cherry Blossoms catalogues being in hot demand amongst the pilots in those female-sparse northern airports that I worked at back in the early ’80’s. The Cherry Blossom’s personal ad database includes […]

  • A Foreign Affair

    A Foreign Affair is a for Russian dating but there are few Japanese girls there. The most interesting aspect behind A Foreign Affair, is that each of the founders; John Adams, Ken Agee and Ron Redburn, is married to a Russian woman. On that basis alone we could assume they know what they’re doing. But we won’t […]