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Taiwanese dating tips (Taiwanese)

You must treat Taiwanese women as princess in Taiwan. It is not right Taiwan men are sweet, but Taiwanese men are unwillingly treat Taiwanese women as princess.

take frequently contact with her
It is very troublesome and childish, but Taiwan women likes if men contact them frequently even during work.

Take care of  her bag

You must bring her bag while dating.  Even if she has too cute bag, men have to bring it.

take a shell of shell-on shrimp
Men must peel the shell of the shrimp. if you are not good on it, practice in advance.

Pick up and send her 

As Taiwanese women are strongly princess disease, so There are many Taiwanese women who request you pick her and send to her home.
Taiwan woman does not think of the other party,They are very selfish.

introduce her to parents or relatives

Once you date with a Taiwanese girl, They Immediately want to be introduced.

Taiwanese girl are relatively emotional.

Taiwan women are very emotional. I often see quarrel loudly on the street, and fighting even with girls, If you date with Taiwanese girl, you should be very very very patient.