How to marrige to Thai girl (Thai girl)

International marriage with a Thai girl is not so complicated and just same with other international marriage.

First of all, you must submit a marriage document but it is more smoothly if you submit in your country first.

Let’s get the following documents from your thai girl.

A)Single certificate (Thai) × 1 

A1)→translated into English  × 1 
A2)→translated into your country language  × 1 

B)Residence registration card × 1 

 B1)→translated into English  × 1 
 B2)→translated into your country language  × 1 


write reason for marrige

D)Passport copy · ID card ,other

You need to have documents above authentication at [Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bureau of Consular Affairs ] .

You need to prepare following documents

Family register×1
Marriage registration×

submit above documents to civic center.

Next, you need to register in Thai.

prepare following documents, and go to embassy in Thailand.

A’)Certificate issuance application form×1

B’)Family register paper×1

C’)Identification of the Thai spouse×1

D’)Residence registration certificate of a Thai spouse×1

E’)Passport of the Thai spouse ×1

F’)power of attorney×1