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How to meet Japanese Porn Stars in Japan (Japanese girl)

Have you ever hard “AV”?
“AV” is  short for adult video. Japanese porn is a huge industry in the world. Their qualities are very high .
AV stars are very popular , some are active on TV talent or actress.


So Where you can meet Japanese Porn Stars in Japan?
Japanese strip clubs are good places to meet Japanese porn stars.

many low level and little time porn stars that never became wildly successful hit the strip club circuit consistently and after they put on their demonstrat to you can shake their hand and take pictures of them in any stance you need for 500 Yen a shot. Now and again an exceptionally surely understood AV star or previous AV will wind up at these spots.

You can find AV stars in Hostess bars.
They sometime hire AV stars or ex AV stars. but These places are hard to enter for foreigners. If you speak Japanese very good, there is a chance.

AV actresses sometime comes to sex toy shops to promote themself.

Photograph clubs have been springing up around Tokyo for some time with the assistance of porn administration organizations. These are spots where AV on-screen characters can get somewhat additional cash by permitting fans and novice photographic artists to take their photos for a set measure of time.

They typically have some cheap gathering sessions which permit five or six folks to share space and take photographs. Private sessions of 30 minutes to an hour are additionally accessible for maybe a couple hundred dollars however they are done in the clubs with the supervisors remaining by so simply picture taking should possible. It's still an approach to meet Japanese porn stars and it additionally gives you a chance to take home some photographic gifts. Studio First in Tokyo is a decent case of a photograph club.