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Before You contact Japanese girls (Japanese girl)

Before You contact Japanese girls


Guys… have you ever WANTED to contact a Japanese girl you like…. but worried endlessly about whether it was the right thing to do?Or, have you ever contacted a Japanese girl and later regretted it?

I recommend meeting real Japanese singles online via the websites I recommend here. Travel costs are someone prohibitive initially so online chats, email and then SMS and mobile communication are better until rapport can be established.

Have some guys and take a chance if the dating game at home is not working out for you.

Websites Japanese 20 something women hang out on for socializing

■Besides the obvious FB Twitter, Yahoo look at, fc2.com – a general portal.

■I recommend you explore ameblo.jp this website a lot of pretty faces and women with blogs here.

■hatena.ne.jp – More a social and photo sharing site, the Japanese sites look different even after you translate them.

This site is about love and languages, not anything base. But I thought I would give you some hits if you are curious what normal Japanese girls look like. You can watch Japanese videos with these sites nicovideo.jp and goo.ne.jp . You will see many beautiful Japanese girls here, and you can watch for free. I also recommend use a translate tool, many online.

You can download these Japanese girls videos with this software, Bbmao Video its a Firefox add-on and you can download and store them to your hard drive.

I am only concerned about helping you win a Japanese girl for love or marriage as a bride, nothing else so I will tell you the best way to chat and write normal Japanese girls.

How to chat with Japanese girls

You can always use western – Japanese dating sites, but also try these, they are worth the effort. There will be some language problems but translate tool will work. If you do not want to learn chinese.

For Chat with Japanesegirls goo.ne.jp you can even get a chiense e-mail.

Also for Japanese girls and blogs wretch or even kijiji is very popular, but again you need to learn a language or use translate.