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Parents of Chinese woman (Chinese girl)

In any culture, even if different no matter how culture, it's easy to go out if there is a commonality.

Common property, in many cases, you can easily share with tradition, food etc.

Generally Chinese parents  desires that their daughter date with a guy who is high level.

Respect each other,  learn the Chinese culture, see the same goal.


There are many overseas Chinese in the world.

educated, or not educated, Buddhism or Christianity, immigrant or  American-born, sixth , the Chinese community is multiple in USA.

They have many ethnic groups and dialect.


Despite United States has huge country, China people keep their tradition, and share their culture.

Family, honor, and the importance of hard work, those has been reflected with  romantic relationships and dating.

The influence of the parent

many Chinese parents wish to give their daughter the highest expectations - the best performance, the best schools, the best work, and the best husband.

However This is the stereotypes by the media that often parents control their daughter.
In fact Chinese parents is not strict very much.