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What is the sex meaning for Chinese girl (Chinese girl)

It is important to know the history of China in order to better understand the Chinese women.

In the tradition of China, men is important than girl. ,Boy is a valuable girl is not the case even today. Especially This tradition can be seen in rural areas of China.

This tradition is changing, but the woman does not  feel the charm if man is not strong.


Casual sex in China is very rare. It is normal that they do not sex until they get married.

They think strongly that sex = marriage. if you ask the sex, often they  escape.

If you feel free to speak about sex, she is hoping to marry with you in the future.

She may plan to meet her parents with you.
Their parents have big Expectations for their son because it has been the subject of the one-child policy in China.

It seems that Chinese men very seriously whether his wife is virgin or not. when you get married, if she was not a virgin . this may cause problems.

Recently China have become economically rich so big money will move  for marriage .

At the time it is important that she is virgin or not.

For Chinese Women, sex is very passive and shy.