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ALT.com is AFF’s kink/fetish “adult dating” site. Despite being owned by AFF and representing a subset of their database they do seem to have made a reasonable effort with ALT to tailor the website to the targeted demographic. As the interface and features are largely the same as AFF’s, I’ll try to concentrate this review on the points of difference. (If you want to read the AFF review to learn more about the generic shared features, it’s over here.)

How to register "ALT"

Click "JOIN NOW!" on top page.

Then, You start to create your account.

Fill your introduction, then click done.That's all. You go to check your mail box. check the approval mail from ALT, and open the email, click approval link.

How to use IM chat

IM chat is exactly same with Adult friend finder. Pls see.



Number of girls




      Ease of Use


        Customer Service





            • I have been a member of this site for five years now and I have sent literally millions of mesages to women I was interested in, and I have yet to recieve a reply. Upon browsing the profiles I realized to my horror that the VAST majority of the female Dommes were prostitutes in one form or another. If they were not a prostitute, it would usually be a con pretending that they are genuinely interested in a relationship, but then they will try and con you out of money or try and get you to subscribe to some crap site.
            • This site is a total and utter waste of time and money. I beg you with all sincerity not to bother. This review is totally unbiased and has been written by a real customer.
            • Easy to use


            • Sometimes IME CHAT stop

            wakuwaku mail

            PC MAX


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